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30th June Afternoon Lecture,

Southwick Church and early evening Drinks and Canapes, Southwick Hall, PE8 5BL

The Counties Heritage Foundation’s grant has helped save a work of art of national importance for future generations.

The Lynn Memorial, sculpted by the famous French Huguenot sculptor Louis Roubiliac, is in memory of George Lynn of Southwick Hall, who died in 1758. Roubiliac is famous for his Westminster Abbey sculpture of Handel and for his beautiful Warkton Memorials.

According to Professor Malcolm Baker, "the Lynn memorial is among the finest of Roubiliac’s smaller monuments - it is major work of 18th century art , the qualities of which are enhanced by its striking setting in a small parish church."

This event celebrated the restoration skills of the Skillingtons’ conservators and the Church Wardens’ determination to fund-raise to save the monument.

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